1 in 6 people... 1 in 5 children... 50 million Americans... HUNGER IN AMERICA

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Homeless, Housing
Useful Phone Numbers
Crisis Help Lines, etc.

Know of an individual, group or organization that offers aid to others in times of distress and uncertainty?
Please email any information you might have. Steve Speer

Coats for Our Community


Last year, there were over 600 children who needed those warm coats in Blount County, along with over 1,000 adults. The number of cold Blount County residents in need of those coats continues to grow every year.
It's not just the homeless who are affected, but 25 million Americans, including individuals who are unable to work to support themselves: 9 million children and 3 million senior citizens are
in need of food. If you or your family is in need of food use these links and check the Food Directory for more information.

Hunger in America
1 in 6 people... 1 in 5 children... 50 million Americans

Heaven Sent Home
...is designated as a temporary, emergency shelter for women and children that are misplaced, abused or both. For whatever the reason you find yourself without a home please call. We  offer direction
for shelter and protection. In this self-help center women are given the opportunity to live in a safe and clean environment. They will learn independent living skills and receive counseling on behavior modification based on the Christian faith.

Abuse Information & Answers
Child sexual abuse is the exploitation or coercion of a child. Child sexual abuse involves a continuum of behavior that ranges from verbal, non-physical abuse to forcible touching offenses. It can range from a single encounter with an exhibitionist, to confusing occasional fondling by a casual acquaintance, to years of ongoing abuse by a relative or family member, to rape and/or exploitation through prostitution and pornography...

Go to New Hope web site for Questions and Answers on Child Abuse.


Surviving Our Loveless World
The heart of man has grown cold. Here’s how to protect your family from a world callous to brutality. By Brad Macdonald


The mission of Blount County Community Action Agency is to provide specific services (PDF) and develop resources to help people achieve self-sufficiency and independence within our community. In fulfilling its mission, BCCAA helps to improve living conditions and helps to protect and promote the individual dignity of the elderly, of the disabled, and of those families with low and moderate incomes... WEB SITE



Last Update 05/06/2014

Good Neighbors is a 501(c)3 community ministry of the Blount County Ecumenical Action Council.  Good Neighbors is designed to help lift our neighbors out of crisis in a compassionate setting. Good Neighbors provides resources to maintain and/or increase the ability of our neighbors to cope with the challenges of everyday life. We do this in an atmosphere of love and respect, building partnerships through which Christ’s love can grow and by advocating for social justice within Blount County.... MORE

There is no need whatsoever for you or your family to go hungry... We have many programs in Blount County which will help you with food and we also have churches who serve meals freely given and prepared with love. PLEASE GO HERE
Denominations & Faiths
Many of our local churches have ministries that may serve to meet your needs. As this site is built I hope to have these broken down by categorizing the types of help or aid available from each church.

Baptist Churches
Catholic Churches
Churches of Christ
Churches of God
Churches of the Nazarene
Episcopal Churches
Full Gospel Churches
Latter Day Saints
Lutheran Churches
Methodist Churches
Non-Denominational Churches
Pentecostal Churches
Presbyterian Churches
Quaker Churches
Wesleyan Churches
         There are many faiths represented in this web site. And even though some differ in beliefs I will not exclude them based upon my own convictions. My prayer is that those seeking aid will find not only find spiritual comfort but find relief for their immediate burdens be they physical, mental or spiritual.
Voice for the Unborn A Voice For The Unborn
Defense of all life: BCRL (Blount County Right to Life) members believe that all life– including life of unborn babies– is God-given, precious, and worthy of protection. We try to assist in the fight to protect life through public education... there
are two victims of an abortion– the unborn baby and his or her mother....
All parents, grandparents and care providers for children need to occasionally visit the following web sites to gain insight into Crimes Against Children, Exploited Children and much more. I will also offer links for Child Abusers in this community and links and emergency contact information with our local Police Departments. If you have suggestions I would love to hear them.

CALL 1-800-824-3463
The Tennessee children listed on this site do not represent all missing children in the state. Many cases are resolved before reports are received by TBI and reports are not received consistently from across the state. The children posted here are parental abductions, children considered at risk and those cases which publication would best serve. TENNESSEE MISSING & EXPLOITED CHILDREN

It’s nearly unthinkable, but every year thousands of children become victims of crime—whether it’s kidnappings, violent attacks, or sexual abuse. The mission of our Crimes Against Children (CAC) program is threefold: first, to decrease the vulnerability of children to sexual exploitation; second, to develop a nationwide capacity to provide a rapid,
effective, and measured investigative response to crimes against children; and third, to enhance the capabilities of state and local law enforcement investigators through programs, investigative assistance, and task force operations...

The AMBER Alert System is an early warning program designed to help quickly locate abducted children in local communities. It works like this: following an abduction, law enforcement notifies broadcasters and transportation officials, who interrupt transmissions to get the word out. AMBER stands for America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response and was created in Texas as a legacy to 9-year-old Amber Hagerman... AMBER ALERT WEB SITE
  Tennessee Amber Alert


Blount County Literacy Council


The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble... Psalms 9:9